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We offer our customers a variety of assembly and packaging services, such as autobagging, blister carding, shrink packing, cartoning and labeling. Additional services include corona and flame surface treatment, as well as hot stamping, silk screening and pad printing. Contract gamma irradiation and EtO services along with non-sterile product filling are available. Radio frequency (RF) sealing, ultrasonic sealing, and die cutting services are available as well.

In addition to our off the shelf containers and components, we offer our customers innovative design, prototyping and development services to create new products or containers from specific design criteria, conceptual drawings, or even the proverbial "napkin sketches."

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The Quadshot™ Intramammary System

The Quadshot™ Intramammary System is an injector device with a magazine housing for efficient delivery of teat sealants and other dry cow medicants. It consists of two parts: the cartridge or “Quad” and the applicator. A Quad Cartridge consists of four interlocking tubes stacked in a horizontal arrangement. When the handle of the Quadshot™ Applicator is squeezed, the plunger will dispense the contents of the uppermost tube, then automatically discharge the spent tube and advance the next tube into the dispensing position. The Quadshot™ is a major advancement in intramammary application and additionally addresses plastic waste reduction.


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