550 ml Syringe

Uniquely designed large volume syringe with multiple uses!

• All plastic construction
• 550 ml maximum capacity
• Measures 15.5” in length
• Polypropylene graduated or non-graduated barrel
• Durable plunger system for ease in filling and dispensing
• Used for oral delivery of Fluids and Medicants including Nutritionals
• Ideal for oral rinsing in Equine Dentistry
• Includes standard plastic oral nozzle, stainless steel also available
• Removable caps on both ends of the barrel for ease in assembly, disassembly and cleaning
• A variety of nozzle types available


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The Quadshot™ Intramammary System

The Quadshot™ Intramammary System is an injector device with a magazine housing for efficient delivery of teat sealants and other dry cow medicants. It consists of two parts: the cartridge or “Quad” and the applicator. A Quad Cartridge consists of four interlocking tubes stacked in a horizontal arrangement. When the handle of the Quadshot™ Applicator is squeezed, the plunger will dispense the contents of the uppermost tube, then automatically discharge the spent tube and advance the next tube into the dispensing position. The Quadshot™ is a major advancement in intramammary application and additionally addresses plastic waste reduction.


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AARC Bearing Cleaner

The Only Self-Contained Flushing System Designed Specifically to Clean Wheel Bearings! Clean Bearings in Seconds!

• Flushing force removes gunk from hard to access areas
• Inspection process is enhanced
• Re-use bearings with confidence that they are not pitted, rusted or worn
*Patent Pending


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AARC Bearing Packer

The Quick, Easy, Efficient way to Grease Wheel Bearings! Pack Bearings in Seconds!

• Wheel bearings are greased perfectly every time
• Spend only a few seconds per bearing with hardly any preparation
• No wasted grease and rags: use only the amount you need for the job, with minimal mess
• Accepts standard grease tubes and seals them cleanly between uses


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